Mini Pocket Projectors

For many of us, the primary use of a Stick Computer or TV Box is to display our media. Whether you’re into movies or music, or you prefer getting your content from a DVD collection or Youtube, the basic need is the same. You want a player that’s capable of handling a wide variety of formats and displaying it correctly without distortion or interruption. Hook it up to our monitors and we’re good to go. What more can we ask for, right?

It turns out there is one more thing we can ask our little guys to do. In addition to being great little streamers, there are also a smaller, but growing number of devices that can also directly project media without the need for a TV or Monitor. Having seen some early versions in action I was still a bit skeptical of what sort of performance you might expect from such a compact and inexpensive device, but I have to say that I’ve come away mildly impressed at what you can buy right now.

I won’t try to tell you that a low-cost Android Box/Projector is going to compete in any way with a higher end TV box and standalone project, but I think you’ll see that the results can be far better than you might expect and good enough to serve as a secondary, if not main media player. Even if you don’t use one of these units all the time, they make the perfect device for travel, presentations or just impromptu video projection.

When you’re looking for something in this category you want to make certain to find a device that has a fairly recent processor, a decent amount of RAM and storage, and of course, a graphics chip that enables a large number of formats to be played back in High Definition. Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and USB are a must for portability and expansion. Even though most of the players have basic control functions, nothing can replace a good Bluetooth controller for ease of navigation. Having USB allows you to add media storage in the form of sticks and drives, making it fully functional as a media library.

Having HDMI input also allows you to connect your other devices, including laptop, game consoles or home entertainment equipment for the big screen treatment.

Of course it should have good projection quality. While you’re not going to find the sort of lumens and contrast ratio you’ll find in more expensive units, you can find something that will give you reasonable projection size in varying levels of light.

Having battery power is a big plus for portability and should be good enough to last through an evening of film or an intense gaming session. In any case, you can always plug in the power to keep things going.

Finally, the device should be compatible with your phone or tablet to allow for casting and mirroring. While much of the streaming work should be done by the internal Android system, there are some occasions when it’s just more convenient and practical to cast rather than stream directly.


Aodin Mini Pocket Projector With Led Lamp

Product Highlights

  • RAM:DDR3 1G + ROM Flash memory 32GB
  • Brightness: 50 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • 5000 Mah Battery that can play for 3 hours
  • Features an HD 1080P extra bright screen
  • Built-in Dual Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Features with vertical keystone correction 45 degree
  • Runs Android 4.4
  • Features Miracast Airplay and Eshare function
  • Air mouse
  • Extendable Tripod Leg

The Aodin uses a Rockchip 3066 with Mali 400.  These specs are a tad on the low end compared to some of the more recent boxes, but the box is still very capable of streaming 1080p without hitch.   What is more important for this device is how it handles output, which is where it excels.

One word of advice before you take the plunge on getting an Android TV Box/Projector combination is that if you want full cinema sound, you’ll want to connect a pair of Bluetooth speakers, or plug the audio out into your home theater setup.   Another possible consideration is adding a keyboard/mouse combo.  Even though the included airmouse is good, it won’t replace a full kb-mouse.

What Customers Say:

The technology packed into this stylish little pico-camera is actually mind-blowing. Ten years ago the picture this thing throws out would cost probably $5,000.

It is light weight and Very portable. The 2.5+ hours of battery charge will give you the staying power to get through most movies on a charge. The Bluetooth connection to speakers is flawless and allowed the designer to not have to add weight for better sound. It becomes a component in a system nicely.

This thing is better than I could have expected. I spent months shopping for a pocket sized projector. Then I was on the fence as to whether it was worth it because it became clear that the models in the $100 to $200 range were not going to satisfy me.