Ugoos UG007 Mini PC

Ugoos UG007 Mini PC

I’ve already reported on another Ugoos product, the UG802. If you’re familiar with either Stick Computing or Ugoos, you already know that this company makes some of the most popular devices on the market. There is strong user support for the majority of their sticks. The UG007 is one of what I call the second generation of Stick PCs. These units are mostly based on the dual-core RK3066 chipset with Mali 400 Quad Core GPU.

The UG007 is a step up from the UG802 in that it includes Bluetooth wireless, as well as adding twice as much storage and additional expansion ports. Additionally, the UG007 incorporates 3D acceleration, which greatly improves gaming and overall graphics performance. Bundled with a wireless touch keyboard like the Logitech K400, it makes an excellent web surfing and gaming device.

Like its second generation brothers, upgrades to both the central processing unit and the graphics processor to dual and quad cores make these stick better streamers as well as all around multi-media computers. Many of the second generation sticks sell for under $50. That’s about half of what you’d pay for some of the most popular TV boxes.

The UG007 comes with all of the most wanted features of an Android Stick, including 3D acceleration, extra USB ports, Bluetooth and WiFi built-in, support for NTFS file system and hooks for external 3G.

The Bluetooth Mini PC Mk809 II is an updated version of the UG007.

What I like about the UG007

It’s easy to find reasons to like the UG007, starting with the company behind it. Ugoos were one of the first companies to enter the market with the UG802 and they have continued to bring new devices to market each quarter. Their products just keep getting better and more capable.

The UG007 is also one of the lower price models available on the market. With the advent of quad-core sticks, the dual core category has come down significantly in price. That makes this stick and excellent value at this time.

With its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth you can connect it to your private network, hook it up to an HDMI capable monitor and have yourself a fully functional Android computer for less than the cost of a single internet bill. You can surf the web, play games or watch a movie within minutes of plugging it into your HDTV.

Since the UG007 runs Android 4.1 you get full access to Google Play. Configure your Google account and you can watch 1080p HD videos from Youtube, Netflix and HBO Go. Many Mini PC buyers add a powered USB hub to their configurations, but with a full size and two Micro USB ports, you can cover most of your expansion needs without additional expense.

Overall I would give the UG802 3.5 out of 5 stars and that’s only because of a few minor details I’ve listed in the Pros and Cons below. For the price performance you’d be hard pressed to find a better value.

Company Product Information

Shenzhen Ugoos Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2004. They are a reliable manufacturer and exporter of dual core Mini PC’s. Their products are exported to the EU, USA, and many other parts of the world. They have a reputation for quality products and excellent service.

In June 2012 they began production of the dual core Android Mini PC known as the UG802. They now offer a variety of Stick PCs and accessories.

What’s in the Box

  • UG007 Android Mini PC 1.2ghz Dual Core Cortex-A9 Rockchip 3066
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Power Adapter with USB connector cable
  • HDMI Cable

Here’s a nice and introduction video to give you an idea of what it looks like when it arrives at your door.

Unboxing the UG007

Features and Specifications

  • Rockchip RK3066, Cortex-A9, dual core processor, (1.6Ghz).
  • Quad-core Mali-400 Graphics Processing Unit with 3D acceleration
  • Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB Internal Flash Storage (support for up to 32GB Micro SD card)
  • Built in 802.11b/g/n WiFi wireless network access
  • HDMI, USB and Micro SD card ports
  • Optional 2nd Micro USB port


CPU RK3066 Dual ARM Cortex-A9
Screen Resolution 1080p
Max Screen Resolution 1080P
Disk 8GB
Graphics Quad Core Mali-400
Wireless 802.11b,g,n
Bluetooth Mediatek MTK6622
Number of USB Ports 1 Full, 1 or 2 Micro
Dimensions 10.1×3.8×1.3 cm
Weight 40 grams
Color Black
Hard Drive Interface USB 2.0, Solid State
Power 5v 2A

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with Android Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1)
  • High Definition (1080p) streaming video
  • Optional 2nd Micro USB port
  • New Version includes reset button
  • Runs cooler than many USB Stick PCs


  • Reports of WiFi connectivity issues are not uncommon
  • Owners have complained of scant documentation
  • Slower boot times than some other, similar devices


Compared to its second generation peers, the UG007 is solid choice for performance and expandability. It isn’t the most powerful of the current crop of quad-core sticks, but with above-average performance at an entry level price it still makes an excellent purchase.



Many buyers prefer to get sticks equipped with the Rockchip RK3066 because of the availability of Ubuntu Linux. A variation of Ubuntu 12.10, called PicUntu is available for free download at this website. Picuntu supports screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, and supports WiFi, Ethernet, audio, and other core functions.

Once you’ve installed the base PicUntu you can install additional software to either use your device as a server or a portable computer. Available packages including Apache, Samba, Joomla, Flash, Java, and desktop environments including Xfce and GNOME.

You’ll need access to a computer running Linux to install PicUntu.

ROM Upgrades

There are a growing number of ROM upgrades to be found for the UG007. It should be stressed that you should only attempt this if you have some experience with how ROM upgrades work. Improperly flashing a ROM can cause your device to become non-functional!

According to various sources, one of the better upgrades is called the Finless ROM. You can find the upgrade in the FreakTab forums under the Tech Room section. As I mentioned, only experts should attempt this there is no source for the original firmware should you have problems.


The UG007 has been upgraded recently and now goes by the name of UG007II or UG007-2. Make sure you buy from a source you trust in order to get the latest model. The newest version includes software updates, a reset button and an optional second Micro USB port. If you don’t see an option for a second Micro USB, then it is not the latest version.

Who is the product for?

The UG007 is a great example of a Stick Computer that can serve two very different customers with satisfying results. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box, inexpensive and simple Android TV device, the UG007 works perfectly at the center of a powerful media hub. With ample expansion possibilities, the UG007 can also work as a general home computer for web surfing, email and gaming. For the hobbyist, with upgrades and Linux software, this computer can provide endless hours of experimentation and expansion.

Some customer reviews:

“I have also tried streaming movies from the hard disk attached to my router and it’s smooth as I expected. WiFi is solid all the time without any connection drops. Bluetooth is working very well with the Bluetooth headset. I downloaded tons of apps from Google play store and it was lightning fast to get the apps installed on it.”


“I took this mini pc and a wireless keyboard over (to my 85 year old parents house), plugged it into they’re flat screen. In less than an hour they were set up and emailing their friends. Thus the reason I’ve had to buy another mini pc….”


“The differences (between sticks) can be subtle, but the swift boot-time and the snappy menu movement makes this an absolute pleasure to use. It took me about three minutes to download and install all of the week’s accumulated app’s from the Google Play store. It had a better bundle of programs, right out Of the box.”


“It is hard to explain how great this device is, all I can say is that you have to try it yourself. The day I got one of these I felt like a kid again.”


Video Review of the UG007

Summing it up

If you’re looking for an Android Mini PC in this price range, I’d recommend the UG007 without hesitation.